Apr 2010

One-liner to create a useful YAML config files

How many times do you find yourself hardcoding something that you now you’ll have to refactor and extract into a config file? But you don’t, because you don’t have that config file, and you don’t want to loose 10 minutes thinking (or the XXI’s century equivalent, googling) a solution. If you are nodding and feeling guilty, continue reading.

In an existent Rails application, just type

rake rails:template LOCATION=

or if you are about to create the app, extend the rails command like this:

rails <app> -m

That wasn’t hard, was it? The code that just ran is so simple that you can go check it. After asking you the name of that config (or assuming the default: app) it will create the YAML file under the config directory and create an initializer to load its content when the application starts. The config comes with a demo variable, defined in the three typical Rails environments: production, development and test. You can use APP_CONFIG['variable'] (if the config name was app) anywhere and it will return the value for the current environment and that variable.

Enjoy it and use the issues section in Github for any comment about the code.

Bonus plus: it’s Rails 3 compatible!