Apr 2010

After the n-th change of language (in all meanings), I come back to say hello!

Hi, I’m Jordi Romero. This is a blog, or it’s supposed to be, where I can publish anything I may find useful. The subjects will vary, from programming to computer architecture, or maybe some sysadmin trick that took me all night to find out and want to share to make the world a better place. Time will tell.

I’m trying to have and maintain a blog since 2004! In 6 years I never published more than 20 posts, most of which never stayed online after some months. I started blogging in Catalan, my first language. Later on 2006 I deleted the blog and replaced it with a static CV in the front page (the first screenshot). One year later I started a new version of the blog (the right image) in Spanish, my second language. I published some useful Ruby on Rails tutorials, and an article about my keyboard that got some attention. Sincerely, nothing worth saving or translating to this newer version. Some good and interesting content is out there, and I will write it down. when it was a CV in catalan when it was a blog in spanish

If you just want to say something to me, make sure you check the contact page.