Jan 2011

Yet another blog engine for the exact same blog. Blog rewriting is definitely funny.

I said it once already, but I’m going to talk about the same thing today. I enjoy rewriting or reimplementing blog engines. Most definitely more than writing blog posts.

The last time I did that, I kept the design and went from a sinatra app with database backend to a git-backed engine (a fork of Nesta).

This time, i kept absolutely everything (design, html, feed, sitemap, about pages, etc.) but went to the static site generator Jekyll. The goal was to make this change transparent to the (possible) readers, search engines and feed subscribers would never notice the change, except for this post. In the last migration I moved all the blog posts to Markdown files, this was very nice, because I love formatting text using that markup language, and I still use it with Jekyll. The worst part were the haml and sass files. There’s no support for haml or sass on Github Pages (the generator I’m using to host this blog now), so I had to go back to plain CSS and HTML. This made me sad, but I definitely wanted everything in the same place and without using weird deployment strategies. Just git push for both posts and layout modifications. Github pages were the answer, so the move back made sense to me.

Other than that, I just had to replace some haml/erb/builder files with plain html/xml using Liquid and make sure everything was smooth again.

Thanks to the awesome Github pages service, all I had to do is push to and wait a couple of minutes.