Mar 2012

Perfect typing thanks to Gary Bernhardt's WAT in your terminal

Yesterday @masylum showed me and after playing with it for 2 minutes we couldn’t help it: We needed WATs in our development tools ASAP. Read: Replace the Terminal bell with a WAT.

Imagine hearing Gary Bernhardt’s voice each time you hit an extra key by mistake. I no longer hit <Esc> more than once to exit insert mode in vim, because the second time I’d hear: WAT? What the fuck are you doing hitting escape again if you’re already in normal mode? This is the path to perfect typing.

Now, if you also want WATs in your Mac:

  1. Grab your favorite WAT. Three of them are available at (look at the source). The one I like best is this one.

  2. Convert it to a compatible AIF file. Follow these steps or just save yourself some time and use mine.

  3. Copy the file to ~/Library/Sounds

  4. Select it in System Preferences » Sound System Preferences

  5. Make sure you have your bell enabled in your terminal app. Most people disable it because they don’t master the art of precise typing, but this was before they knew about WAT Driven Development.

PS: My only contribution to WAT Driven Development was putting things together. Gary Bernhardt is an awesome dude who makes a living with his advanced programming screencasts and his WATs traveled around the interwebs thanks to his lightning talk. Noah Kantrowitz did Pau Ramon showed it to me and got me excited to do the actual thing. He blogs here.

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